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Do you feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or stuck? 
Do you struggle with doubts, negative thoughts, or sadness? 
Do you work hard, yet nothing seems to be working in your life?
Balancing THE WHEEL shows you how applying its system helps you tackle challenges, manage stress and overcome unhealthy behaviors. 
It is the vehicle that brings you clraity, confidence and joy!
How can you be the creator of your destiny?
Don't just dream of HEALTH, HAPPINESS & SUCCESS
CREATE the life you desire
Balancing THE WHEEL shows you HOW.

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What If You Can Have it ALL?

What would that look like? Why is it important to you? How can you achieve it?

Ultimately almost everyone’s goal comes down to three things: having health, happiness, and success. Although they might hold different meaning to different people, the road leading to them is one.

We all want a life that is less stressful, less worrisome and smoother to navigate.

But then life happens!

We endure broken relationships, struggle with our finances, dislike our career paths, lose faith, our health suffers, and eventually get drowned in enormous emotional pain and stress.

We forget about our goals and aspirations and end up living life like a robot. We allow life to happen to us, instead of mastering life and creating what we dream of. 

We have become programmed to spend so much of our time feeling unhappy, failed and depressed.

Balancing THE WHEEL is a tool, a manual for your life that shows you how to get out of the rut and regain the charge of your life.

Health, happiness, and success are all possible and attainable. There is a pathway to happiness, and there is a road to success by finding BALANCE, and that is what this book is about.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets and walk on that path with me?

In Balancing THE WHEEL, you will Discover:
  • What it means to  live a balanced life and why is it important to change?
  • Why we behave the way we do? And how we can let go of those habits that no longer serve us.
  • How our mind gives meaning to events or situations based on our earlier experiences and conditions? 
  • What steps to take in achieving meaningful and productive communication time after time.
  • How to set healthy boundaries by identifying our values, and creating successful relationships.
  • What are our feelings and how to release our negative emotions?
  • How our responsible choices affect our overall health and wellbeing?
  • How to overcome addictive behaviors an create inner peace?
  •  How to heal dis-ease caused by stress and worry?
  •  How to have more fun and benefit from our environment?
  • Why we fear of financial scarcity and how to secure ourselves?
Balancing THE WHEEL is the most integral part of my life’s mission.

For over a decade I have been teaching and practicing a fulfilling and well-balanced life. 

Thousands of my clients have thrived by utilizing so much of what I have practically explained, scientifically established, carefully tested and logically proven in this book. 

The healing power in Balancing THE WHEEL has personally and professionally guided me to navigate the choppy waters of life and overcome some of the worst emotional challenges. 

Now I wish to expand this opportunity as far as I can and to as many motivated souls as possible. 

I truly believe every person is innately able to feel JOY and deserves ALL the blessings that life can offer.

This book is a fundamental navigation system for expanding and elevating all aspect of your life.

I am confident that Balancing THE WHEEL is the vehicle that drives you to your desired destination. 

Join me in this journey.

Dr. Sadigh

Stop Making Life Happen To You!

Take charge and be in the driver seat of your destiny. Be the creator of the life you so deserve. In this self-therapy book, I clarify and explain all the elements that negatively affect your life and show you how to use this proven system to gain confidence and knowledge to move your life forward, with purpose and resolve.

I have used personal stories of pain and suffering to show you how I rose above them, and now I want you to become a healer for yourself and others. Detailed examples, metaphors, concepts, practices, and suggestions are presented in this book to ease applying the instructions and creating a positive flow to achieve HEALTH, HAPPINESS & SUCCESS.

I sincerely wish by reading this book you can cultivate joy and happiness for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet.

"Your work with the inner child and your attempt to find a healthier stance is not about learning something new; it is the opposite. You are required to let go of certain beliefs and understandings that are obsolete and overwhelming. Just like a computer program that is either infected with viruses or has been outdated, you need to delete certain information that slows you down or makes you crash. You need to open up space to add capacity for downloading and installing new, updated programs." -Dr. Sadigh (Excerpts from Balancing THE WHEEL"). 

Balancing THE WHEEL presents a step by step guide to self-healing. The clear, direct and engaging language allows the reader to achieve the tools necessary for an optimum WellBeing in all areas of life:
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  •  Relational
  •  Recreational
  •  Environmental
  •  Spiritual
  •  Financial
Dr. Daniel Daryoush Sadigh has experienced an array of challenges within a lifetime of education and practical training. He witnessed multidimensional effects of psychological suffering in different settings and noticed the need for specific attention to mental health over the three decades before he integrated a mind-body approach to healing and wellbeing.

Dr. Sadigh began his studies in Medical Sciences and Dentistry in Iran before a revolution made him leave his country. He continued his education at City University of New York where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, and then he launched a very successful business entity. He continued his education in Screenplay Writing and Film-making in Los-Angeles, however it wasn’t till disasters and disease in his own family brought physical and emotional traumas that changed the direction of his life. As the result, he ended up following his true passion for practicing Psychotherapy and earned his Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, followed by a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. 

Dr. Sadigh completed several prestigious internships in mental health facilities and relational counseling centers. Soon he was able to support the medical field’s vast need for understanding and integration of psychotherapy with Mind-Body Medicine. He specializes in processing Traumatic Stress, relieving Mood Disorders, and preventing Anxiety Disorders, among dealing with other debilitating psycho-somatic conditions.    

His expertise in couples, family, and individual counseling is deeply rooted in his psycho-dynamic training. He also utilizes Behavior Modification, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), Somatic Psychotherapy, Guided Imagery, and EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Balancing among several other scientifically researched approaches in improving client’s conditions. 

His uniquely designed integrative techniques have helped Thousands of his clients in successful transformation and recovery from addictive behaviors, obsessive patterns, and emotional instabilities. 

Dr. Sadigh has also founded All-In Health Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to training Marriage and Family Therapy Associates in his “wholistic” approach to wellbeing. 

Dr. Sadigh has been married for over 34 years to the love of his life. They have two successful sons and all happily live in Los Angeles.
What people are saying about Balancing THE WHEEL
If you're looking to enhance your relationships and personal growth, Balancing the Wheel will be your "go to" resource for this change. 

I appreciate the fact that this is a non-fluff book, with real tools and examples to use today! Enjoy the change in your life you are looking for...

Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

From a scientific and behavioral perspective, I found the suggested tools in this book to be realistic and effective. 

Dr. Sadigh has brilliantly expressed our evolutionary growth and shown us how we are each personally and socially wired with reactions. Our need for accountability and maintaining balance is strongly clarified in Balancing the Wheel. 

I highly recommend using its approach in pursuit of personal growth and responding to discomforts.
Bita Farhadian, MD, OBGYN
Balancing the Wheel made me find meaning and joy in my life. 
By learning about assertiveness, I realized how to be a better leader who is respected and loved. 

By focusing and practicing balance I began to feel more appreciated and free! 

I mostly loved learning about so many life-changing solutions in this book.

Thank you Dr. Sadigh.

Amir Lahijy
Hollywood Productions, President 

Dr Sadigh’s wheel of wellbeing method simplifies how to attain balance in one’s life. 

When we first met, I immediately connected with Daniel’s heart of compassion, understanding and love for our fellow human beings. 

We have worked together in various capacities over the years and I fully recommend Dr Sadigh and his offerings without hesitation.

Elizabeth Yoder, Actress, Writer, Director

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